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More recent context for LePage vetoes

Scott Thistle’s great historical perspective on Governor LePage’s veto streak offers a useful long-term view on the recent vetoes but misses something important about the more immediate historical perspective. Maine (and New England in general) are places with relatively low … Continue reading

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Maps, Part 2

WELL. Certainly some additions to make to the veto post below! However, I am not going to do that currently. Instead, I am exploring the use of Google’s Map Builder Lite to look at geographic distributions of legislators by party … Continue reading

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“We will have to work and communicate with each other and with the chief executive”

Governor LePage’s unexpected entry into today’s emergency meeting of the Appropriations and Fiscal Affairs Committee provides yet another cliff-hanger in the dramatic series of interactions between legislators and the governor. (In other news, why yes, we will all be tuning … Continue reading

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Envisioning legislative vote changing and the LePage veto in the 126th Maine State Legislature

The Portland Press Herald is exploring the shift in vote among Republican state representatives on LD 6, the bill that would allow municipalities to decide whether or not they want to require their superintendent to live within the school district. … Continue reading

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I’ve had the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s take on the theme running periodically through my mind for a few days now, but looking at this map posted on the Bangor Daily News yesterday – describing county-level changes in female mortality – … Continue reading

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Digging Deeper

I continue to be fascinated by the ┬ádisconnect between the degree of detail available in ME DoE Data Warehouse information – and what is available in the “School Grades” data collection effort itself – and the really thoughtless application of … Continue reading

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What can we learn from the ME DoE School Grades?

Today’s much-anticipated release of the Maine Department of Education’s “School Grades” has provoked the similarly-anticipated, and likely intended, negative response from educators who called the grading system “flawed” in public and who-knows-what in private. The Maine Education Association has certainly … Continue reading

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