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Real costs to towns

I’m so glad that Mike Shepard and Matt Byrne at the Sentinel/Press Herald are doing good work on exploring the budget. This is a more complex issue than a lot of the “yes/no” questions that voters get asked to consider, … Continue reading

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Who Pays?

Hooray! We have a budget. There are new, temporary taxes in place to replace some of the gap created by the 2011 income tax revenue reductions. As I mentioned earlier, this is an excellent natural experiment to determine whether this … Continue reading

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About those Accommodations and Meals Taxes

Apparently, our eloquent governor is going to veto our budget and send our state into a shutdown because he swore no new taxes, dammit. But where will those taxes be coming from? Here, courtesy of the US Census American FactFinder, … Continue reading

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I’m disappointed. I’d hoped that the many, many reasons to accept the free federal money to cover Maine citizens would add up to legislators’ passing LD 1066. I also failed to look carefully at the original House vote and hadn’t … Continue reading


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The Governor’s Proposal

As we await Gov. LePage’s promised veto of the state budget, it’s useful to revisit what it was that the governor himself proposed. For although the governor claims that he opposes new taxes, there is no way that the impact … Continue reading

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I came back from my morning walk with the dog just suffused, surfeited, with gratitude for this place.   Today is the boy’s last day of kindergarten and I am so grateful for the caring community at Atwood Primary. There … Continue reading

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Right on, Prof. Krehbiel!

Maine’s biennial budget, which Gov. LePage has promised to veto, has passed both the House and Senate. Hooray for a first step towards no shut-down!  We haven’t seen the veto yet, which the governor has announced he will delay in … Continue reading

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Good Times, Bad Times

Presently stewing over an articulation of some thoughts about local sales tax, but nothing complete yet. Meanwhile, here are two takes on my post title. That’s the percentage of households earning over $200,000 annually as against the percent of unemployed … Continue reading

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Pivot Points, or why we might believe Sen. Katz on MaineCare

Political scientist Keith Krehbiel developed an interesting theory of legislative behavior called “pivot theory” – it’s often been applied to understand US Congressional behavior, but I just came back from a conference where I saw it applied to state legislatures … Continue reading

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A natural experiment

Watching policy-making in the shadow of Paul LePage can be like trying to figure out which neutral shade you want to paint your living room when someone has replaced your regular lightbulb with a disco strobe and a smoke machine … Continue reading

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