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Black Lives and Power

I have been thinking about the increased visibility of power as a concept for months, now. It’s the product of the steadfast focus on power in Black Lives Matter movement. Through this focus BLM achieves an exceptionally consistent sublimation of … Continue reading

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Understanding the 2014 Maine gubernatorial vote (update: now including omitted bear-iables)

Now that the election dust is settled — and while the policy dust is being kicked up — what can a closer analysis of the November results tell us about who wants what in Maine? I’m going to use the election results, plus existing … Continue reading

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Obama, Third Parties and Bears, Oh My!

The dust from the victory parties has settled. The governor has made some predictably gubernatorial statements. The election results have been fully experienced, if it will yet be some number of weeks before they actually show up on the … Continue reading

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When do people turn out? When their votes matter.

When you’re from Maine, it’s hard to watch people pooh-pooh this year’s turn-out. Mainers turned out in extremely high numbers for a non-presidential year, topping this year’s election turnout contest. Why did they come out in those numbers, despite having … Continue reading

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Brunswick vs. Cape Elizabeth – and why campaign contribution numbers matter

Two lovely coastal towns in Maine. What could they possibly have to fight over? I personally would not have picked them to represent poles in our current gubernatorial election campaign, but some evidence suggests otherwise. What evidence? Evidence available in information available as of … Continue reading

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Watching the electoral winds in Maine

In 2010, at just about this time I was conducting a poll of Maine’s gubernatorial race at Thomas College with the help of about 40 political science students. We all learned a lot. What many of the students learned was that they … Continue reading

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Shopping for Diversity

Come with me as I daydream about real estate. Real estate is excellent fodder for daydreaming. Entire professional fields are built on developing the glamour of homeownership, working off of the aspirational escapism of all of us poor hamsters stuck on the human … Continue reading

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While we wait for ranked choice voting

  It’s like deja vu all over again.  Just like in 2010, three main contenders vie for Maine’s governor’s seat. Just like in 2010, it is looking unlikely at present that the majority of Maine voters will support our next governor. The cost of this … Continue reading

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Improving Democratic Side-Payments

With apologies to the 7% of you out there who are still satisfied with how our Congress is working, I have to say that I have no expectations that our country’s most consequential legislative body is going to produce anything … Continue reading

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Dismantling public higher education, Maine style

The mass layoffs currently coming to pass at the University of Southern Maine are the final moment of metal collision in the slow-motion train wreck we’ve been watching over the last couple of years. The USM faculty have been nauseously … Continue reading

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