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What is the impact of 81,000 missed appointments?

I have been wondering for a while about the statewide cumulative impact of the MaineCare rides debacle on patients keeping their medical appointments, but it’s challenging to get current year data on Mainecare expenditures. (From the current administration, it’s hard … Continue reading

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Governing Style and the Emergency

As the hours ticked by and the federal government teetered into partial shutdown, we all looked up to the sky (or in the newspapers) and wondered what would happen next. And for most of us, immediately…nothing. The impact of the … Continue reading

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Amazon Wades In to Maine Politics – Mobilized Blogger Army to Follow?

What happens when the 800 lb gorilla of online retailing doesn’t like your state law? In response to Maine’s implementation of a requirement that online sellers collect Maine sales tax, Amazon is shutting down its Maine Associates program. The Associate program … Continue reading

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Risky Business

Thirty years ago this past April, a group of individuals appointed by President Reagan came out with a report that, like a tree falling into a river, has bent the flow of America’s perception of its public education system ever … Continue reading

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Headwinds, or why I will never play poker with Ben Grant

I must admit to being surprised by Eloise Vitelli’s win in the special election to fill the open seat in Maine Senate District 19. (Here’s me predicting the opposite outcome.)  Given Vitelli’s relative lack of campaign experience, it’s a pretty … Continue reading

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Visualizations of Inequality

So, back in the olden days before I was ready to settle down somewhere sensible, I lived in New York for a few years. First I lived in Chelsea with a roommate from college, and then I moved to a … Continue reading

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And I did not speak up because I was not a plastic-thingy maker…

I feel like I saw the writing on the wall this morning when I opened my email and saw an advertisement from people who offered to do my job for me. While it is my most personalized experience with it, … Continue reading

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Oh, Canadian Electricity

Alighting upon this morning’s editorial in the Morning Sentinel, I was delighted to see a review of the governor’s Saturday Radio Address on electricity prices. Thought to myself, “AVERAGE household bill of $84 month? Meaning as many residential households paying … Continue reading

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In Love

Move over Maine Municipal Association 2011 Fiscal Survey, there’s a new spreadsheet in town. The Maine Ethics Commission’s whole contributions database – including all 218,212 recorded contributions since 2000 –  is my new jam. Here’s today’s picture of the data … Continue reading

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Independent Expenditures, A Prelude

The race is on! Some great analysis and commentary lately on the first Maine Ethics Commission campaign finance report filings for the 2014 gubernatorial election. The candidates’ report filings are indeed important pieces of data to track – and not … Continue reading

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