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When do people turn out? When their votes matter.

When you’re from Maine, it’s hard to watch people pooh-pooh this year’s turn-out. Mainers turned out in extremely high numbers for a non-presidential year, topping this year’s election turnout contest. Why did they come out in those numbers, despite having … Continue reading

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Headwinds, or why I will never play poker with Ben Grant

I must admit to being surprised by Eloise Vitelli’s win in the special election to fill the open seat in Maine Senate District 19. (Here’s me predicting the opposite outcome.)  Given Vitelli’s relative lack of campaign experience, it’s a pretty … Continue reading

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In Love

Move over Maine Municipal Association 2011 Fiscal Survey, there’s a new spreadsheet in town. The Maine Ethics Commission’s whole contributions database – including all 218,212 recorded contributions since 2000 –  is my new jam. Here’s today’s picture of the data … Continue reading

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Maps, Part 2

WELL. Certainly some additions to make to the veto post below! However, I am not going to do that currently. Instead, I am exploring the use of Google’s Map Builder Lite to look at geographic distributions of legislators by party … Continue reading

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