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When do people turn out? When their votes matter.

When you’re from Maine, it’s hard to watch people pooh-pooh this year’s turn-out. Mainers turned out in extremely high numbers for a non-presidential year, topping this year’s election turnout contest. Why did they come out in those numbers, despite having … Continue reading

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Headwinds, or why I will never play poker with Ben Grant

I must admit to being surprised by Eloise Vitelli’s win in the special election to fill the open seat in Maine Senate District 19. (Here’s me predicting the opposite outcome.) ¬†Given Vitelli’s relative lack of campaign experience, it’s a pretty … Continue reading

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In Love

Move over Maine Municipal Association 2011 Fiscal Survey, there’s a new spreadsheet in town. The Maine Ethics Commission’s whole contributions database – including all 218,212 recorded contributions since 2000 – ¬†is my new jam. Here’s today’s picture of the data … Continue reading

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Maps, Part 2

WELL. Certainly some additions to make to the veto post below! However, I am not going to do that currently. Instead, I am exploring the use of Google’s Map Builder Lite to look at geographic distributions of legislators by party … Continue reading

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