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Governing Style and the Emergency

As the hours ticked by and the federal government teetered into partial shutdown, we all looked up to the sky (or in the newspapers) and wondered what would happen next. And for most of us, immediately…nothing. The impact of the … Continue reading

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Amazon Wades In to Maine Politics – Mobilized Blogger Army to Follow?

What happens when the 800 lb gorilla of online retailing doesn’t like your state law? In response to Maine’s implementation of a requirement that online sellers collect Maine sales tax, Amazon is shutting down its Maine Associates program.┬áThe Associate program … Continue reading

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Visualizations of Inequality

So, back in the olden days before I was ready to settle down somewhere sensible, I lived in New York for a few years. First I lived in Chelsea with a roommate from college, and then I moved to a … Continue reading

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And I did not speak up because I was not a plastic-thingy maker…

I feel like I saw the writing on the wall this morning when I opened my email and saw an advertisement from people who offered to do my job for me. While it is my most personalized experience with it, … Continue reading

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Parade Magazine 2013 Salary Survey

This is what they meant by “false consciousness,” in case you were wondering. I was moved to put this together this morning while reading the paper. It included Parade Magazine, a continual source of “huh, I guess THIS is where … Continue reading

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