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The Ghost of Christmas Present

LePage proposal would end assistance to asylum seekers. In this time of ice storms, sluggish employment, and reduced federal food assistance, our governor celebrates the season by cutting our state’s last-resort assistance to the poor. The logic? They are people … Continue reading

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Carrying All of Our Debt

‘Tis finals time here on the old factory floor. For those of us working with a student body that is largely first-generation college attendees we’re watching some especially critical dice rolls. Will students choose to focus on their final assessments? … Continue reading

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What it Means to Be From Maine, Decennially Speaking

Politics is popping up like a Jiffy-Pop pan on a hot stovetop around here! Getting into a pretty exciting season. I’ve got several posts in various stages of development but I’ve got too much going on to finish any one … Continue reading

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SNAP cuts: county-level losses — and new need

(Percentage of each county that receives SNAP benefits: Lincoln county lowest, at 8.2%; Washington county highest, at 22.4%. Data is from the US Census American Community Survey Selected Economic Characteristics 2011 5-year estimates.) We’ve seen some coverage of cuts to … Continue reading

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What is the impact of 81,000 missed appointments?

I have been wondering for a while about the statewide cumulative impact of the MaineCare rides debacle on patients keeping their medical appointments, but it’s challenging to get current year data on Mainecare expenditures. (From the current administration, it’s hard … Continue reading

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And I did not speak up because I was not a plastic-thingy maker…

I feel like I saw the writing on the wall this morning when I opened my email and saw an advertisement from people who offered to do my job for me. While it is my most personalized experience with it, … Continue reading

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Oh, Canadian Electricity

Alighting upon this morning’s editorial in the Morning Sentinel, I was delighted to see a review of the governor’s Saturday Radio Address on electricity prices. Thought to myself, “AVERAGE household bill of $84 month? Meaning as many residential households paying … Continue reading

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